Product Description

ISBN 9708996471701

Professional development is interwoven into the fabrics of one’s profession. The goals of professional development are varied and should include opportunities that allow participants to expand their knowledge base via the acquisition of new information, or through sessions where additional theories, content, or concepts are being introduced as to peaks (best practices) or new techniques relevant to their positions and organizations. Additionally, quality professional development should offer opportunities for personal reflection and self-evaluation as to one’s current roles and responsibilities and their relevance to the topic being covered.

Lastly, the book is grounded in brain development and the manners in which adults learn. This is critical, as professional development must be delivered in a manner in which the participant is able to process the information, thus transforming the content into practice via the travel from short-term memory to long-term.

This book presents the aforementioned items and expands on these to ensure that professional development is not an afterthought but key to the organization’s ability to develop and consistently provide a platform for staff as they continue to craft and implement best practices. Embedded within the contents are participant recollections of best practices, their experiences, as well as sample evaluation forms, inspiring quotes, and schedules.

It is my desire to challenge your process, to request that your professional development opportunities be well thought out and planned and have at their core your staff and their needs, interests, and goals.


Dr. Arnita Rena Hall has been a leader in the educational arena for the past twenty years. She has held many positions in higher education, nonprofit management, and within the federal government. Dr. Hall is currently serving as an Associate Director, Community Impact with the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville (UWMN). The programs under her purview are highly interactive and based upon a broad compendium of experimental and research approaches. Additionally, Rena is president and CEO of Together We Can Consultants, birthed in 2010 to assist educational entities with training, staff development, program formulation, and evaluations.

Dr. Hall received her bachelor’s of arts degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; a master’s of education degree from Central Michigan University; and a doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Hall has authored several articles and performed research on various subjects related to early childhood education, brain development, curriculum and instruction, leadership, professional development, military families, resiliency, and parent education. Additionally, she has obtained several certifications in the educational and leadership domains.

Dr. Hall is married to Kent, an Army officer, for twenty-five years. They have two sons, who enjoy playing sports and traveling. Rena’s personal motto is “Together We Can,” which is indicative of the support, assistance, and teamwork each and every person needs and deserves in order to obtain success. A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Rena enjoys volunteering, traveling, decorating, and cooking.

Lastly, Dr. Hall lives daily within the framework of the power of seven as portrayed via her decisions to be ethical, a professional, a collaborator, live with intent, give thanks, share her blessings, and demonstrate love and enjoyment for her family and friends.