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ISBN: 9780989625432

Did you know that children communicate through their emotions? We as educators and parents unthinkingly have made it a habit to focus more on the physical action being displayed, rather than taking the time to interpret the emotion being conveyed by a child. The child may be angry, depressed or anxious; as a result of a hardship or challenging time in their life.

Sadly, it is becoming a common practice to label children as being a “problem child” or behaviorally disruptive without considering the emotional, social, psychological and behavioral patterns they have inherited from their home environment. This should not be!

Bottom line, an emotionally supportive community, either at home or school, is a must have in order for our children to become what they deserve to be, productive little citizens.

Discover in The Productive Little Citizens the priceless keys to developing an emotionally healthy environment that will foster overall well-being for all its members.