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ISBN 9780989625456

“This book is a treasure chest full of priceless nuggets for parents to employ during their childrearing years. Sheryl Brown has given every parent, caregiver, and teacher the road map to a structured child that will bring much pleasure and a strong sense of accomplishment.”
Gregory S. Yeasley, LMFT

Wanting the best for your child should never be questionable, but rather it is a given. Today’s society is becoming more liberal by the second, especially in the area of parenthood. Innovative concepts and theories regarding the social, emotional, moral, and mental development of a child are being readily accepted by parents and school officials to the point that these concepts and theories are subtly transforming our children into our counterparts rather than our subordinates in training. As a result, children are becoming more disrespectful while parents are becoming more frustrated and helpless.

Children will not come right out and tell you they are in need of structure, but rather their actions and conversations speak on their behalf. A child deprived of structure is like a child left with the responsibility of raising himself. What All Children Want: Structure is a must for all parents, caregivers, and childcare providers whose deepest desire is to see their child or students excel in every area of their lives. This book will challenge you to not only embrace the concepts, but also implement the helpful recommendations introduced throughout that strongly advocate the fact that structure is one of the key ingredients needed during parenthood.

  • You will be introduced to the following:
  • Vertical Relationship vs. Horizontal Relationship
  • Purposeful Thinking
  • Meaningful Conversation
  • Public Social Grace
  • Honoring the Role of a Parent
  • And much, much more!

 About the Author
Sheryl Brown is a motivational speaker and professional development/in-service trainer for early-middle childhood development. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Master in Public Administration, and a Master of Science in Psychology/Marriage Family Therapy. Sheryl is a licensed marriage family therapist who specializes in children and family therapy. Sheryl is also a certified child development intervention specialist.

She currently resides in Georgia with her husband Shawn Brown. Both Shawn and Sheryl are owners of Role Model Productions (a.k.a. The Super Fun Show) and travel extensively, both domestic and international, empowering both teachers and parents as they continue to provide the essential need for a “village” to effectively raise a child.
Sheryl is the author of Push: How to Birth Your Dreams into Reality, and Millennium Girl: Discovering the Royalty Within. Sheryl and Shawn are the founders of Opulence Publishing Company.