Structure for Generation Y and Z

by Kimberly J. Rainey, BA and  Shaeryl L. Brown, LFMT, CCDIS

Meeting a Need

This curriculum meets 1302.51(b) of the Head Start Program Performance Standards,
which requires grantees to offer opportunities for parents to participate in a researchbased
parenting curriculum. It also affords programs to meet several goals in the Head
Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework because of the interaction between the
parent and the child. Fiscal, Education Managers and Family Service Managers are
encouraged to partner together to ensure in-kind is captured properly. The beginning of
each chapter identifies the specific Head Start Program Performance Standards.
Generation Y is known as incredibly sophisticated, technology wise, so we included
technology through “The Learning Genie” an APP designed to keep your parents on
track with completing their assignments and meeting your goals as required by the new

The parents will be challenged to determine the effectiveness of their parental skills as it
relates to: 1) increasing appropriate child behavior; 2) improving parent-child
relationship; 3) strengthening parent-child relationships; and 4) fostering a positive
family atmosphere so that the child can thrive at home and school.

What Makes This Curriculums Unique?

This is a research and principle based curriculum that is specifically designed to
introduce and promote parental skills that are infused with honorable and sound
principles that orchestrates the guidance a child (or children need) in order to become
healthy, productive and successful adults; 2) PAPSC is in alignment with the Head Start
Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework and is designed to help parents
meet several family outcomes; and 3) This curriculum is a contractual agreement between
the parent or parents and the child (or children) which is expressed both verbally and
physically (by signing the agreement) before the training actually begins.

How Does This Curriculum Work?

Structure for Generation Y & Z: PAPSC is comprised of 10 sessions. Each session is
approximately an hour in length.

Each session is based on the reading assignment required before each session from the
book, “What All Children Want: Structure.”

We will train your trainers to implement this innovative and fun curriculum.
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Structure for Generation Y & Z